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Hey its me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i hope that i can get people to comment on my entries but w/e. well read my journal at guitarfreak89 comment on it PLEASE!!!lol i miss all of my friends and it doesnt help when im listening to this beautiful yet depressing song lol. I love you stephen M. Casey,Kassy Lee Shotts,Candice B.,and everyone else that i care about. im getting aim soon!!!!!!!YEY!!!!!!!!!lol i cant do it with this computer because its my brothers work computer but w/e. I have noone to love over here.i miss everyone i promiss that ill visit i swear on my life that i will see everyone who cared for me.i cant believe that my moving made that much of an impact on everybody. Well put a comment if you wanna i dont really care but it would mean alot to me.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........................METALLICA LIVES FOREVER.............

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